(The “A” in the above picture is 3rd Army, the “4” is the 4th Armoured, the “10” is the 10th Armoured (note Jakes Brother, Lou Johns, was attached to the 609 TD battalion
“5” is 10th Armoured)


776th Field Artillery Battalion.

"A" battery was the official name of my fathers battery. They served together through the thick of WW2 in conditions we can't imagine today. This site is a way I can piece together my fathers experiences, and those of his fellow soldiers, to help keep their memories alive and sacrifices appreciated for every American.

This collection of photograph's came from my mother and father's photo album. The photographs are a combination of those my father took, Jake Johns, and those given to him from another member of his unit.

The photos have remained in this album since 1949. Their small size (less than 2" x 2" typical) had made a detailed observation difficult at best.

The collection is not in any exact chronological order, but hopefully, will eventually get close.

The following links below follow this batalion into the war as seen from Augustine Machados photo album, and narated by Jake Johns.


Jake Johns

This site was originally started around July of 2007, and has been up since then. It stayed quite as a tribute of Aaron to his father and those who fought beside him, until a phone call in June of 2012. A kindly e-mail came to me from Jake who said "You see that one guy in the top middle of the Gun 3 picture? That's me!"

Since then Jake has been a treasure and brought life back to those times, and faces. What an honor and joy to meet him and share those memories.

With great sadness we have lost Jake September 25, 2017. I spoke to him earlier this year and he was telling me he made it to 91. We have written a few tributes to him if you follow this link; Jake

One thing he passed over to me was his own personal scrapbook. What follows are photos he had with names, places, and sometimes dates on them, and his story. Please follow this link to Jakes Photoalbum.

776FA Gun 3


Fiedler's Memoirs

PFC Richard Fiedler at the end of the was in Antwerp and in his own words,
"While in Antwerp awaiting redeployment home I began writing these "Memoirs" expressly for my own use. As I said then to the folks back home who were interested in knowing what I had done in combat, it was to tell the whole story once and for all so that I myself wouldn't become bored by repeating and repeating it; so that once told I could forget it; and to curb any natural tendency I might have in my old age to exaggerate."

Please follow this link to his story, Fiedler.

Humphrey's Scrapbook

Bob Franke told me about a scrapbook he had seen once that Hal Humphrey had made, and all the photos he had shot of the battery. He always had it in mind he wanted to write a story about that time, and had access to all these things, but just never got around to it.

The Bob found out Hal had passed away, and learned from his wife she had a garage sale and had sold the scrapbook. Bob found out all the details of who bought it, and after much deliberation, bought it back. It ended up in one of his boxes, and the pictures and descriptions that follow are due to his efforts, and detail. Please see them at Humprey.

Robert Franke

After talking to Jake Johns he put me in touch with Bob Franke of Battery A, 776FA. He told me about 8 Boxes of papers, documents, scrapbook, photos, etc that he had collected or been given from his time in WWII with 776FA. In 2014 he and his daughter donated the whole thing to the war museum (USAHEC) in Carlisle, PA.

Steve Bunn, (the webmaster), took a trip in June of 2015 and in 2 hours shot over 200 photos of many things pertaining to 776FA which has filled out these web pages and been invaluable.

What was of first major help were all of the individual mug shots of all the soldiers, which I have linked to the names on Fielders address list, several rosters of the men and thier assignments, and the Humphrey scrapbook, which had pictures, written desriptions, and articles about them.

What I did not put up on the following pages you may see for yourself in my photo storage website at smugmug. The folowing is a list of what is there.





Aaron Machado


Special Thanks

 With the gracious help of one of my coworkers, Jeff Tong, he was able to scan in every photograph and expose the rich detail that has remained hidden in these photographs all these years. I would also like to give a tremendous "Thanks" to Steve Bunn, another coworker of mine, who spent many hours developing this website.

Also a Very special thanks goes out to Jake Johns, one of the original members in my fathers batalion, who recently came across this website and has given us his war story as well.

More thanks goes out to Bob Franke, who had served as a Service Battery support, and kept tabs on everyone through the years. Unfortunetly we have been unable to contact him over the past year. His help was extremly valuable in acquiring a copy of Fielders diary, and for keeping the box of Humpreys momentoes in tact, and donating them to the war museum.

In 2015 Steve Bunn made a trip up to meet Jake in PA, and then went to the Military Museum: Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA. Howard Humphrey, the radio operator, had taken many photos, and put together a scrapbook of all that they went through. I was able to take over 400 photos in two out of 8 boxes, mostly 776FA, and have already used it to add photos of everyone, found lists of everyone, and long forgotten descriptions of even the outfits pet deer mascot. What a treasure. Thank you for preserving these memories of all who served!